Access building

In the Access Building, which you can find at the entrance of the Oceanográfic, there is an aquarium with shovelhead sharks and several jellyfish species.

One of the striking characteristics is the shallowness of these facilities, the bed of which is covered with white sand. This is because these species usually move through coastal shallow waters, where seabeds are sand-covered. The water temperature is 25ºC because they are tropical species. This aquarium is arranged so that the species living in it can be seen through acrylic, or directly from above where acrylic is not found. The escalator that stands in the middle of the building offers an excellent panorama of these facilities while you go up and down it.

Blacktip reef shark
The black-tip reef shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus) has characteristic black spots on its tips. This staining is much more obvious on its dorsal fin as it is outlined below it.
Carpet shark
One of its outstanding features it is ability to camouflage itself among corals, which make it hard to notice.
Common jellyfish
The moon jellyfish or common jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) is a cosmopolitan species present in all seas of the world.
Medusa huevo frito
La medusa huevo frito (Cotylorhiza tuberculata) es una especie endémica del Mediterráneo, costanera y con preferencia de aguas más cálidas.
Short-tail nurse shark
Short-tail nurse shark is classified by the IUCN red list as vulnerable.
Shovelhead shark
Visitors can enjoy the new aquarium that houses several shovelhead shark specimens whose scientific name is Sphyrna tiburo.