Short-tail nurse shark

Short-tail nurse shark is classified by the IUCN red list as vulnerable.

Where to find them?

In the Access Building

General notes

It tends to be present in coastal reef areas. It is a small-sized dark brown nurse shark. It is nocturnal and spends the daytime resting in gaps or corners.

Geographic distribution

In the western Indian Ocean, and on the east coast of Africa: Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, and possibly the Mauritius Islands and the Seychelles.



Curious facts

To date, it was suspected of being oviparous (as it sporadically laid eggs in an aquarium some years ago), but this was not altogether clear. At the Oceanogràfic we have also had this species laying eggs, which confirms this suspicion. These eggs are currently found in good condition in the Access Tank. We are waiting to see them hatch if they had been fertilised.