Small-spotted catshark

The small-spooted catshark is common to the Mediterranean Sea. In 2018, the Oceanogràfic Foundation managed to breed, for the first time in Spain, small-spotted catshark embryos obtained from eggs discarded after being caught while fishing.

Where to find them?

In the Mediterranean Area.

General notes

A small-sized shark (60 cm) frequently found in the western Mediterranean. Its colouring is yellow with dark spots all over its body.

Geographic distribution

NE Atlantic, from Norway to Senegal, and it enters the Mediterranean.

Feeds on

Molluscs, crustaceans, cephalopods, polychaetes



Curious facts

It tends to accidently appear in large quantities in trawling. The Oceanogràfic is currently undertaking an in vitro breeding project of those females that were found dead in trawling nets with fertilised eggs inside them. These eggs were removed from the mother’s belly and kept in aquariums. Once baby sharks have hatched, they are released to the sea.