Palette Surgeonfish

Belonging to the surgeon group, this fish is very popular in home aquariums and rose to fame after its appearance in an animated film.

Where to find them?

This species lives in the installation of Tropical Oceanogràfic.

General aspects

This fish of the group of surgeons, very habitual in aquarofilia, became quite famous after its appearance in the film of animation of Disney "Looking for Nemo" and its sequel "Looking for Dory".
Paracanthurus hepatus, of the family of the Acanthuridae, is nicknamed the surgeonfish by the removable spine that it carries on each of the two sides of the birth of the caudal fin.
The intense bluish color of its body and yellow caudal fin make it unmistakable.
They are omnivorous and do not present differences between sexes. The juveniles tend to live near corals to hide behind in case of danger.
They can be found from East Africa to southern Hawaii and from Japan to Australia. Its preferred habitat are the terraces on the outer side of the reef.