In the installations of Oceanogràfic there is a living lake, an extension of fresh water in the process of naturalisation, in which a wide variety of aquatic birds can be found.

Among the species that can be found in the Living Lake of the aquarium are the red-crested pochard, the common shelduck and the whooper swan. However, these installations are also used by some species of birds who visit throughout the year, coming mainly from the Albufera Natural Park and the former bed of the Turia River.

Black-necked swan
The black-necked sawn (Cygnus melancoryphus) is the most aquatic species of all swans. It is a very gregarious animal when it is not incubating.
Common shelduck
This bird (Tadorna tadorna) is recognisable due the upper part of its bill, forming a knob as it extends to the forehead. They measure between 58 and 67cm and usually weight around 1 kilo.
Flamingos are wading birds which reach over a metre in height, and whose pink coloured head, back and tail are notable among other birds of the lake.
Great cormorant
These birds (Phalacrocorax carbo) are related to gannets and pelicans, and have shiny green feathers with white marks on the head, neck and sides.
The great white pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus) is a bird which measures 170cm with a wingspan of 3m. It is a pinkish-white colour, with a long bill with an extendible yellow pouch.
Perez’s frog
Frogs have reproduced naturally in the living lake of Oceanogràfic Valencia, as it is a favourable environment to do so.
Red-knobbed coot
The red-knobbed coot is classed as endangered as it is threatened by habitat loss and hunting.