Common shelduck

This bird (Tadorna tadorna) is recognisable due the upper part of its bill, forming a knob as it extends to the forehead. They measure between 58 and 67cm and usually weight around 1 kilo.

Where to find them?

The common shelduck lives in the central lake of Oceanogràfic.

Where do they live?

The common shelduck is mainly distributed through Europe, Africa and Asia.

How do they reproduce?

They nest in the burrows of rabbits, in hollow trees, and in spaces between haystacks. They usually nest in the same place every year. The brood usually has 9 to 12 eggs which take 29 to 31 days to hatch. The chicks gather, forming groups of up to 100, cared for by a few adults.

What do they feed on?

Molluscs, fish, insects and invertebrates.