Port Jackson shark

El tauró de Port Jackson es caracteritza per ser una espècie principalment nocturna. S’amaga en coves i barrancs rocallosos durant el dia.

Where to find them?

In Oceans Area.

General notes

The Port Jackson shark is characterised by being a mainly nocturnal species. It hides in caves and rocky crevices in the daytime.
It has harness-like markings on its horn that go from its eyes to the back of its first dorsal fin and cross the other side of its body.

Geographic distribution

It is distributed throughout the western Pacific Ocean.

What does it feed on?

It feeds basically on invertebrates.


Oviparous animals. Females lay between 10 and 16 eggs on coral rocks in shallow water.

Curious facts

The scientific name of this species (Heterodontus portusjacksoni) comes from the Greek words “Heteros” which means different, and “dont” which means tooth. Its name refers to the shape of its teeth, which is most peculiar.
“Portusjacksoni” comes from Port Jackson, the name of the port in Sidney.