Information, Services and Recommendations

Information and useful recommendations when planning your visit to the park.

If you belong to one of these groups (children (4-12 years old), retirees, pensioners or people with functional diversity) you can benefit from the reduced price. To do so, you must provide supporting documentation in ticket offices, or at turnstiles if you make your purchase online.

Click here to acquire your reduced price ticket.

Check today’s presentation opening hours here

Several dolphinarium sessions are held each day; however, the opening hours of the presentation may be modified depending on visitor traffic or weather or biological conditions.

All our buildings are adapted with ramps and/or lifts to ensure that all visitors can access any point of the aquarium.


Wheelchair service: If you have reduced mobility, you can request to borrow a wheelchair, leaving a 10 euro deposit. This deposit will be refunded upon return of the chair.

You can enter and leave Oceanogràfic by the same entrance only in the following cases:

  • Visitors with any type of combined ticket with the City of Arts and Sciences, provided that the visit date to any of the complexes is the same as that of Oceanogràfic.
  • School groups (the party responsible will be given one bracelet per group of students).
  • Unforeseen situations of high visitor traffic or special groups. (Will be communicated in advance).
  • Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to enter without being accompanied by a person responsible for their safety.
  • It is not permitted to enter in swimming costume or with bare torso. The right of admission is reserved

Car park with 800 spaces. Cost of €2.30/hour and open for receiving vehicles up to 1 hour before closing, and for vehicles to leave up to half an hour after the park closes.

Presenting your Oceanogràfic ticket in shops, flat rate of €7/day.

Located behind the Information Point of Oceanogràfic.

You can request it in the access building.

This service is available in Spanish, Valencian, English, French, German, Italian and Russian.


  • 1 audioguide: €3,70
  • 2 audioguides: €5

We also have audioguides for children.

Price: €3, €4 or €5 depending on the size of the locker. Payment by card only. Allows you to open and close the locker as many times as you need throughout the day.

Location: Access Building.

Except for school groups which must be accompanied by their teacher.

  1. The ticket must be kept for the duration of the visit.
  2. Follow the instructions of the staff on the premises.
  3. You must enter and leave through the gates provided for this purpose, avoiding the use of the emergency doors, unless
  4. there are circumstances for their use.
  5. It is forbidden to bring food into the park.
  6. Smoking is permitted outdoors, except in the dolphinarium and in all areas where there may be large crowds of people.
  7. Animals are not allowed in the park, except for assistance dogs accompanying people with disabilities.
  8. Bathing in the ponds is not permitted.
  9. Photography or filming for professional purposes is not permitted without the express authorisation of the company.
  10. Tickets are non-refundable once purchased.
  11. The company reserves the right to change the programme of activities, screenings and/or exhibitions.
  12. The company accepts no responsibility for the loss of objects on the premises.
  13. The company will take photographs of visitors who wish to do so. These photographs are for souvenir purposes only and will be destroyed at the end of the opening hours of each day.
  14. The specific rules posted in each of the enclosures must be complied with.

The only animals permitted to access the complex are guide dogs or assistance dogs with the corresponding distinction, as indicated by law of the Valencian Community 12/2003 of the 10th of April.

  1. Please arrive sufficiently in advance to the presentations to facilitate access to them.
  2. Please consult the Oceanogràfic’s Information Point to find out how to leave and re-enter the exhibition area.
  3. The use of camera flashes is not permitted.
  4. It is not permitted to touch or hit the aquariums or to throw objects or food at the animals.
  5. Access with food is not permitted.
  6. The use of selfie sticks and underwater cameras is not permitted.
  7. The Red Sea Auditorium is a venue for various events/exhibitions and may be closed for organisational reasons.
  8. Any discount/free admission must be shown at the ticket offices and/or turnstiles.


See here

We recommend planning your visit in advance.

We recommend arriving half an hour before the dolphinarium presentations.

We recommend wearing comfortable footwear and appropriate clothing to visit our indoor and outdoor facilities.