Backstage Tour – Behind the scenes tour

We offer you a unique opportunity to visit the inside of the park, discover the secrets of Oceanogràfic, and have an incredible experience…

Do you want to visit the fish kitchen, view the quarantine area, discover the water storage and treatment system, and visit all areas involved with the animals?

Discover "Behind the scenes tour"!


The Oceanogràfic of Valencia offers you a unique and exclusive experience… go behind the scenes of the biggest aquarium in Europe to get to know it.

Your diving experience will start with the fish kitchen, where food is prepared every day for more than 15,000 animals of the 500 different species that live in various marine tanks.

In the quarantine area, you can know firsthand baby sea horses, or the new sharks that are waiting to be housed in exhibition tanks. You will also learn how all the water that comes straight from the sea every day, 960,000 litres, is filtered to be monitored to ensure animals’ health.

If you like intense sensations, here’s an adventure for you: walk over the sharks tunnel with dozens of dogfish at your feet.

Come and dive in the marine adventure!

Who can participate?
  • The minimum age for carrying out the activity is 6 years.
  • Minimum 2 people; Maximum 15 people.
  • Monsay to sunday: 12:30 pm
  • Check availability on the day of the visit at the Information Point of Oceanogràfic.
  • Oceanogràfic ticket + €12 per person.
Visit to the following areas
  • Technical and Mediterranean filtering area.
  • Quarantine area.
  • Divers’ booth and Oceans walkway.
  • Fish kitchen and explanation of the green point.
Schedule of the activity

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Collection at the Oceanogràfic meeting point.