Oceanic Islands

A walk through the Oceanic Islands will take us to the most isolated and deepest corners of our planet, where we will discover unique life forms.

This walk begins by covering five theme areas with living elements and realistic scale models to take us through several areas where we will learn from observing, interpreting and handling certain aspects, like gigantism in Aldabra giant tortoises, which ones are ocean voyagers, the different evolutions of island species, seabird sanctuaries and, in short, the delicacy and fragile nature of these ecosystems that we must above all protect.

Aldabra Giant Tortoises
The Aldabra giant tortoise is the second largest tortoise in existence (after the giant Galapagos tortoise). It is currently considered “vulnerable” by the IUCN catalogue.
Hawaiian goose
They are locally known as nene o nēnē, pronounced nay-nay, after the song they sing when flying or when somebody goes near them. The sound they make is similar to mooing or horns.