Sailfin snapper

The sailfin snapper is distributed throughout the western tropical Pacific. It has territorial customs, living in areas of coral formations and large sandy areas at a depth of 5 to 60 meters.

Where to find them?

This species lives in the installation of Temperate and Tropical Oceanogràfic.

General aspects

They have 2 characteristic orange stripes on their heads, one running from eye to eye and the other, a little further back, from the base of one pectoral to the other. Lots of blue horizontal lines run along their body from head to tail fin.

They have a black spot at the base of the tail (caudal penducle) that acts as an ocellus. Furthermore, the first dorsal fin rays are very elongated, which stylizes the shape of this fish.

It is usually a solitary species, though as an adult congregates in large shoals to mate. They feed on crustaceans, molluscs and small bottom-dwelling fish.