Mediterranean barracuda

The Mediterranean barracuda (Sphyraena sphyraena) is characterised by the vertical bands that cover its back along its whole body, contrasting with the silver colour covering its whole ventral area.

Where to find them?

You can find it in the Mediterranean habitat, specifically in Ports; an aquarium which represents the biodiversity existing in port areas.

General aspects

It is a fish which belongs to the same group as barracudas. It can reach up to 1 metre long, with a rather narrow cylindrical body distinguished from its large, pointed head.

The jaw is powerful, with numerous sharp teeth. They usually live at a maximum depth of 50 metres.

What do they feed on?

They feed on other smaller fish and squid.

Did you know...?

Its behaviour is curious, as when they are young they usually move in schools, while as they reach adult age, they become more solitary.
The Mediterranean barracuda is accustomed to following divers during their dives.