Bottlenose dolphin

The bottlenose dolphin is a cosmopolitan species which lives in all seas and oceans, except those of the Arctic and Antarctic. Depending on the geographic region, they vary in size, shape and colour.

Where to find them?

You can find the bottlenose dolphin in the Oceanogràfic dolphinarium.

Where do they live?

They are distributed in both the pelagic and coastal region. Depending on the geographic region, they vary in size, shape and colour.

How do they feed?

As they are odontoceti, they have jaws with teeth. They also have an echolocation system to detect obstacles or feed, particularly in dark or turbid waters.

How do they breathe?

Their nasal cavities have transformed into a spiracle, an orifice located on the upper part of the head, through which they breathe and vocalise. This is hermetically closed during immersion so that water does not enter their lungs. Cetaceans must therefore continuously rise to the surface to breathe.

Are the males and females the same?

It is difficult to distinguish males from females, although the former have different openings in the ventral region: the anus and the genital orifice. The females only have one opening and have two folds on both sides which hide the mammary glands.

Are they endangered?

The destruction of their habitat, noise pollution, industrial chemical spillages and accidental or intentional capture are causing the regression of some populations of dolphins.

Did you know...?

They reach speeds of 50km/h when in danger and have a cruising speed of 25km/h.