Oceanogràfic, an exceptional venue

The Oceanogràfic of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, opened to the public in 2003 and is Europe’s largest marine center. It is positioned as an exceptional venue for companies wishing to hold events with a touch of distinction and uniqueness in the city of Valencia.

As a result, the Oceanogràfic offers companies and event organizers different spaces characterized by their uniqueness and beauty of its architecture.


Mar Rojo Auditorium

It has a magnificent amphitheater hall whose stage is presided by a large aquarium which represents the marine world of the Red Sea.
The auditorium is equipped with all the audiovisual needs for the event. It also has a front terrace of400 m2, perfect for holding coffee breaks, cocktail reception or guest photocall.

Capacity: 469 people

Oval room:

It is a hall surrounded by two large panoramic aquariums of 24 meters long each, representing reef ecosystem Indo-Pacific and the Caribbean. It is a privilege location for press conference, meetings, conferences, small product presentations followed by a cocktail.

*Both the location of the hall and their characteristics only can be used when the park remains closed.

Capacity: 100 people

Press room

It is located inside the Oceanogràfic’s office building and is a function room with capacity for 50 people with overlooking the gardens of the park. It has furniture distributed as a theater and all the audiovisual needs for develop press conferences, presentations, conferences… Among its features, it includes the attention of an audiovisual technician during the event to ensure the proper functioning and a small side room for coffee break, if it will be necessary.

Capacity: 50 people

Antartics sea auditorium

This place has a wooden stands as an amphitheater with capacity for 100 people from where you can admire the aquarium with Humboldt penguins.
An original and magical space ideal for holding small musical performances, press conferences, product presentation, cocktail…

** Both the location of the hall and their characteristics only can be used when the park remains closed.

Capacity: 100 people.


Oval room

One of the Oceanogràfic most attractive facilities it is an exclusive space for organizing dinners and cocktails. The room is surrounded by two large panoramic aquariums, representing reef ecosystem Indo-Pacific and the Caribbean. A special place that will provide you a new events style.

* Both the location of the hall and their characteristics only can be used when the park remains closed.

Capacity: 120 Banquet / 200 cocktail

Submarine restaurant(top floor)

It is the most emblematic restaurant of the Oceanogràfic thanks to its spectacular architecture. This spacious ring stands out for the spectacle light, which, like water lily, illuminates the most special evenings and makes an unforgettable experience for your clients. It is surrounded by large outdoor terraces, a perfect complementary element to your activities.

Capacity: 300 Banquet / 450 cocktail

Submarine restaurant (lower level)

(Lower level) The bottom floor of the restaurant is surrounded by a stunning aquarium inhabited by banks of silvery fish. Depending on the needs of the act, there is the possibility of renting independently either plants or building exclusively.

Capacity: 120/30 people

Oceans room

Oceans installation is probably the most prominent of all the Oceanogràfic. The protagonists of this aquarium are the sharks and rays, animals that your guests will have the privilege of observing very closely throughout the course of the event. This dual space is connected by a transparent acrylic tunnel 30 meters length allowing complete underwater viewing feature fauna open sea. Certainly, it is a perfect installation to ensure the success of your event and surprise your guests.

Capacity: 80 Banquet / 120 cocktail

Mediterranean room

This circular space pays homage to the sea Mediterranean. The events in this facility are wrapped for 9 aquariums where we find the wildlife that inhabits Posidonia, in ports and at different levels along the coast. Generally, it contains native animals that your guests will have the privilege to see during the event.

Capacity: 80 Banquet / 120 cocktail

Oceans restaurant

It is located in the heart of central lake of the Oceanogràfic. It is the ideal place for holding dinners, cocktail parties and receptions. Wooden hall with an area of 370m² has an outdoor terrace to enjoy a wonderful view of the lake and the spectacular architecture of the Oceanogràfic. It is perfect for holding cocktails, dinners or for subsequent open bars.

Capacity: Banquet 160 / 200 cocktail

Mediterranean terrace

This circular terrace is located on the periphery of central lake and from there, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the park. With a wide surface, it is ideal for hosting dinners and cocktails outdoors.

Capacity: 300 Banquet / 400 cocktail

Antartic terrace

This is a large round square whose fabulous balcony has the most spectacular skyline of Oceanogràfic buildings. It is a unique setting for holding any dinner or cocktail outdoors.

Capacity: 180 Banquet / 250 cocktail

La Lonja restaurant:

This restaurant, which has a wave -shaped cover, it is in the Red Sea Auditorium. It is the ideal venue for largest groups’ celebrations thanks to its size space.
With an area of 680sqm, it can accommodate up to 450 people in a banquet, and 500 people for a cocktail. You can use it for awards ceremony or galas dinners.

Capacity: Banquet 450 /600 cocktail


Arctic installation is located within a large igloo which houses the protagonists’ animals of the Oceanogràfic: belugas and walruses. Faced with aquariums, the place has a large circular square where the cocktail or dinner will become an experience for the guests.

Capacity: 100 Banquet / 200 cocktail


The other side of the aquarium VIP :

It offers your guests one of the best rated park activities but in the most exclusive way. Not only discover them the best Oceanogràfic’s kept secrets, if not that fascinate them by moving them closer to the most important part of the park, the Arctic, where Biology Department staff reveal them the friendliest of belugas and walruses side.

Private visit

When the Oceanogràfic closes its door, we offer guests the most impressive aquariums of the park, so, with our best guides, your guests can visit the sharks, belugas and walruses, in more personalized way.

Exclusive dolphinarium pass for enterprise

Surprise your customers with a private pass in the biggest dolphinarium of Europe. It is the perfect choice to enjoy the Oceanogràfic.

Gymkhana :

‘Union means strength’, because of that, we offer a place to develop the most fun Gymkhana, where guests will have the opportunity to visit the most famous aquariums in the park, while overcoming testing equipment.

Immersion divers

Differentiate your event with an original message. A couple of divers in the middle of the event will surprise your guests.

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