Peacock mantis shrimp

The peacock mantis shrimp (Odontodactylus scyllarus) is one of the largest and most colourful shrimps that exist.

Where to find them?

Usually you can also find it in one of the jewel tanks of Mysteries of the Sea but no specimen is currently housed.

General aspects

The peacock mantis shrimp is a champion boxer. It is able to break the glass of some aquariums with its front legs.
This animal can measure from 3 to 18cm and is able to see circularly polarised light.
To mate, the male emits light which is only visible by members of its species, and the female selects the male that emits the most light.

Which region do they inhabit?

It is native to the Indo-Pacific from Guam to Eastern Africa.

Did you know...?

The peacock mantis shrimp can move its eyes independently.