Green moray eel

The green moray eel (Muraena helena) is a bony fish belonging to the group of anguiliformes.

Where to find them?

This species lives in the installation of Temperate Oceanogràfic.

General aspects

Their elongated fins without protruding external anatomy is very characteristic and their swimming ‘snaking’. Their body is slightly compressed in the anterior zone and caudal fins, dorsal and anal are hidden from view by a dermal sheath. They lack pectoral fins and scales.
They always live near the coast between rocks and solitary.
We can find from the British Isles to Senegal and the Mediterranean.
Day just pokes their head, but at night is active and catches fish and cephalopods which they feed. Although they have only one row of teeth, among these has a multitude of microorganisms that make their bite is very infectious.

Did you know?

The blood of the common brown is toxic, but ceases to be when 75 °C are exceeded.