Common seal

Unlike other seals, this species prefers to inhabit sheltered beaches, bays and estuaries.

Where to find them?

You can discover this species in the temperate habitat.

General aspects

His face has a flat snout and the location of his eyes is quite behind with respect to his nostrils, which form a V. Unlike in the case of gray seals, it is quite complicated to differentiate males from females.
The common seal is not a migratory animal. Although solitary individuals can be found, it is more common to see them in groups. In the breeding season, hundreds of seals gather; When the females come into heat, the males fight over them. The gestation period lasts from ten to twelve months and they give birth during the summer months. Normally, they will only give birth to one baby, which they will breastfeed and protect for three weeks. Unlike other species, the coat of the offspring at birth is quite similar in coloration to that of adults.
Common seals feed on fish and mollusks, such as squid or cuttlefish

Did you know?

Seals, when they want to attract attention, hit the surface of the water with the front fins and produce a very characteristic noise, similar to a splash or slap.