Animal Ambassador

At the Oceanogràfic we wish to place visitors at the heart of an experience, which is why we have created the “Animal Ambassador” programme. It is a new concept of connecting visitors where animals themselves are ambassadors to their species which, through their carers, explain to visitors their characteristics, habitats and threats.

This programme offers visitors further information with careful and dynamic narration that well complements the observation of habitats and helps to understand the work of carers, researchers and vets.

By this interaction and closeness, we wish visitors to feel emotions about wildlife and to learn to appreciate the natural world.

With trainers’ narration, we will create experiences that will move people, and these emotions will become memories.

These presentations involve considerable responsibility for the Oceanogràfic team to ensure the well-being, health and security of not only the animals, but also of trainers and the public.

The animals that will initially form part of this programme are: pelicans, scarlet ibis, roseate spoonbills, cattle egrets, Aldabra giant tortoises, cormorants and crocodiles.