A few of my favourite things…

Each morning as I walk to my office at Oceanografic, I take some time to visit some of my favourite animals. Most assume that I would gravitate towards something exotic like the belugas, sharks or some tropical fish… but for me, it is far simpler- I love ducks!

These amazing animals are perfectly adapted to life on our planet. They can swim, fly and walk to get around and are champions of migration. In the wild many species travel huge distances between their breeding and wintering grounds.

Two of the duck species who call Oceanografic home are the Red-Crested Pochard and Tufted Ducks. These species are well adapted for life in human care and successfully breed on site. With our recent changes at the aquarium, many of the birds were temporarily relocated as we completed some maintenance on their habitat and the surrounding facilities.

The ducks quickly adapted to their new temporary home and the move provided an additional opportunity to examine all the animals. These examinations are vital to ensure the birds are in good health and all of them are wearing their jewelry. In the case of ducks, this jewelry is a leg band that helps identify each of the individuals to keep records. The records help us ensure each of the birds receives the best care possible and, in the unlikely event of an escapee, they can be returned home.

After their month away, the ducks are now all back in their original habitat. Be sure to stop and take a longer look next time you walk by them. Their interactions and behaviours are always amusing and learning how to identify them at Oceanografic will help you be able to spot them the next time you are out in the Albufera.

The waterfowl, comfortably back in their home.