Flamingos are wading birds which reach over a metre in height, and whose pink coloured head, back and tail are notable among other birds of the lake.

Where to find them?

They are found in the lake facing the Antarctic pergola of Oceanogràfic.

Instead of constructing nests with grass or feathers, flamingos mix mud, feathers and grass with saliva and thereby create a type of crater in which they lay a single egg.

To find more food, they splash with their legs, moving the bottom of the lake and unearthing food.

How big are they?

Both male and female flamingos usually measure 80cm. However, spreading their wings, males can reach 100cm, while females reach 95cm.

What do they feed on?

Flamingos feed on plankton, which they filter from the water in a curious way: they are the only birds which eat “in reverse” with their bill facing downwards.

Did you know...?

Reaching a certain age, flamingos’ eyes undergo a change of colour, from brown to yellow.