Closed for precaution due to coronavirus

Oceanogràfic València closes its facilities as a precaution for the coronavirus.

Although there is no person affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) within our facilities and following the instructions of the Consell de la Generalitat Valenciana, the Oceanogràfic de València closes its doors temporarily, starting today March 13, as a precautionary measure and for liability social to its workers and visitors, to prevent the spread of the virus.

During this period of time, a certain number of specialized personnel will appear at the workplace to ensure the operability of the aquarium and, of course, the care and well-being of our animals, which is our main objective. This team of people will continue to attend to the internal and external needs of the aquarium.

For any management we have made available to the public the email If your request is urgent, call us at 960.470.647 from Monday to Friday -10am to 14pm-.

We understand that this closure may disturb the plans of numerous visitors from the rest of Spain and other parts of Europe with whom we will work to reschedule or reimburse the cost of their visit.

For more updated information, you can follow the announcements and news on our website and social networks.