Cinema 4DActivity
  • The biggest 4D cinema  of Spain, with 190 places that will reproduce different environments and adventures.
  • They will re-create in the room of projection of conditions like wind, changes of light, aromas, snow, as well as vibration in the seats.
  • They will issue two films of distinct lengths in several daily passes.


On2th 3 th June will be closed.

On 4th June will be open at 16.00h


  • Supplement of 3 € to the  general ticket of the Oceanogràfic and  combined tickets.
  • Discounts of numerous family, student and  young ID no applicable.
  • Points of sale in taquillas, building of access and auditorium  Red Sea


  • 4D FILMS
  • 20,000 Leagues under the sea ( 8 min)

Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea has amazed and entertained readers for over 140 years. Re-imagining the classic tale for 21st Century audiences in 4D movie theatres and attractions, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea takes viewers on the journey of teenager Ned as he plunges into a world of adventure aboard the submarine Nautilus commanded by the mysterious Captain Nemo. The thrilling 3D adventure ride features cues for popular 4D effects such as water splashes, wind blasts and bubbles. 3D fish swim out of the screen, bubbles fill the auditorium and viewers will feel the deck of the Nautilus jolt and shake when it is attacked by a giant squid.




    • Hurricane ( 20 min)

This is the true story of a 15,000-kilometre journey in the footsteps of one of the most devastating natural events on our planet: the Atlantic Hurricane. Our protagonist is both shatteringly destructive and vital to life on earth. A mere breeze at its conception, as it sweeps over the African Sahel it becomes a life-giving monsoon, before setting out across the Atlantic as a deepening depression. The hurricane is the film’s main character. The supporting cast – the men, women, plants and animals that it encounters on its journey and affects in some way, for better or for worse. Serene and exquisitely beautiful from space, at ground level in the face of the screaming wind, ‘Hurricane’ is nothing less than terrifying.



  1. Once the movie has started, the entrance to the cinema is not permitted (*). All the assistants can only access with ticket. It is recommended to arrive with 10 minutes in advance.
  2. Due to the characteristics of the films, children under 4 years old are not allowed in the room. It is not allowed to stand up during the projection.
  3. In case of dizziness, it is recommended to remove the glasses and to remain with eyes closed for a few minutes.
  4. Contact with our room staff for wheelchairs placement (limited spaces).
  5. Audio / image recording is not allowed without specific authorization.
  6. The glasses must be returned to the staff before leaving the room.
  7. In case of emergency, follow the instructions of the staff.
  8. The films and its program can be modified due to organizational reasons.

(*) Tickets will be not refunded. Contact with the staff to reschedule into another session, according to availability.



1.- The movies include movements of the chair, vibration, bursts of air, water spray, odors, bright lights and other special effects. Its forbidden to handle the seats.

2.- We recommend you to keep saved your valuables well, including electronics. We are not responsible for items that are not properly protected.

3.- We recommend you to keep saved delicate clothes. The water effects are made with purified water, so it can cause deterioration in thin or delicate clothes. We are not responsible for any damage.

4.- Contact with our room staff: pregnant women, anyone with heart problems, back, neck, suffering from vertigo or any condition that might be aggravated by motion, light or other effects.

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